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Mas d'Ardèvol, estiu 2004

At Mas Ardèvol we prepare local Priorat cuisine using seasonal products. The house’s own fruit and vegetable garden is the main source of the vegetables, flowers and herbs used in our dishes ensuring freshness and top quality ingredients.

Our other suppliers are also carefully chosen and include:

Carniceria Porqueres | Organic pork products |

Formatges Serra del Tormo, km.0 (for cheese) |

Xarcuteria Llorenç | Embotit d’alta qualitat, km.0 (cold meats) |


Dishes served during the warmer months /
Breakfast in spring includes asparagus omelettes with vegetables grown on our own land and for supper roast kid prepared in the traditional style of this region. In summer enjoy the delicate flavour of courgette flowers picked at sunrise in our vegetable garden, and salads with added touches taken from a variety of Mediterranean cuisines.

Dishes served during the colder months /
In autumn we go mushroom picking on our land just before we cook them to preserve the intense flavour of the forest floor. On colder winter days nothing goes down better than our cream of potato and garlic soup and desserts like “menjar blanc” (almond cream) made with our very own almonds. And to warm up at any time herbal infusions with lemon verbena and other freshly-picked herbs.

Suppers at Mas Ardèvol

Starter + Main dish + Dessert + Tea, herbal infusions or coffee.
You can add supper to your booking up to 48 hours beforehand. Drinks not included

Seasonal Menu

28e/per person
(vat included)/span>


Suppers at Mas Ardèvol / Children

Small starter + Main dish + Dessert.
You can reserve supper when you make your booking up to 48 hours beforehand. Drinks not included

Seasonal Menu

15e/per child
(vat included)

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