Author Montserrat Roig passed away 25 years ago. In homage to her we will perform a reading of this wonderful piece of writing widely applauded by audiences and critics all over Catalonia. The work is based on a collection of articles by Montserrat Roig from her daily column “Diari Avui” written up until shortly before her death. It is an affectionate portrait of her which sets the reader to thinking.

Even now, Montserrat Roig’s reflections help us understand many aspects of our daily lives, both large and small. Her words, though written in the past, still provide essential and relevant “vignettes” of the human condition.
This performance will give us the opportunity to enjoy and share the thoughts and concerns of this exceptional Catalan literary figure while at the same time introducing her to the younger generation who are bound to relate to her.

Author / Montserrat Roig i Fransitorra
Performers / Mariona Casanovas (actor) and Emili Cuenca (music)
Bibliography / Un pensament de sal, un pessic de pebre: dietari obert

Date / Saturday 30 July
Time /  20.00 (Duration 60mins.)
Tickets / 25 euros


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Performance + 2 bread rolls + dried fruit + 2 beers or soft drinks

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